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Abuse Comes In Many Forms

Get Out House

Who is to say what "abuse" really is? It all turns out to be the same result. Someone is hurt and the emotional scars that an individual has to live with for the rest of their lives can at times be very devastating or cause disabilities.

Another question so many ask is why does an abused person stay where they are being abused? The answer is simple, because they don't understand that there is a way out, they don't understand that no matter how old they are, that they can begin a new life, or that there is help and hope for them out there. They don't know that they aren't alone.

I'm speaking from personal experience and at one time I was one of those people, let me get this out there to anyone who is living any form of an abused life; there is help out there, there is hope, and there is a better life. All that you need to do is take that step, you have courage to survive after all you have been living an abused life. You have survived the terrors, now all that you need to do is take that survivors instinct and add some courage to it and take that step.

Don't sit there and say "you make it sound so easy and that it is easier said than done, you aren't living what I am. My response to you is, yes it is that easy, and it as easy as said than done, and I have been where you are. You have a choice and you are full of more strength than you really know. I'm not going to lie, it isn't easy starting over but I can tell you that you will be happier and healthier away from it. You will discover things about yourself that you never thought that existed or have forgotten that you had.

You will be on a long road to recovery, but that is the important part- recovering, building, strengthening, and becoming proud of yourself. There is no one out there that can change your situation other than you, only you can do this and once you decide that you want to live and you want to live all of the things that you dream about, reach out and call your local Abuse and Crisis center. They are there and they will help, they have programs that will help you learn, heal, and move on with your life. Just do it, give yourself a chance of a beautiful life.

As for the ones that can't reach out and call for help, I'm talking about the children. They need our help, when an individual see's a child being neglected call someone, do something to help that child, give them a chance to have a life. Help to put their abuser away, they need us. Contact local law enforcement or the local Children Protection agency. Reports can be anonymous. Let's help those that can't help themselves, the ones that have their voices silenced.


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