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Family usually is the backbone of how we turn out in life or who we become in life, they assist us in the toughest times in life or celebrate with them in our happy times. When one is an only child they miss out on the bonding or being a part of the big family to share memories, problems and joy, that money can never provide which we tend to take for granted sometimes. Although we remain in communication, while very busy it becomes hard to keep tabs on everyone that's when we are grateful for the phones or internet available to assist us with talking to each other from time to time.

As time is not enough to hold a family re union every month, we can only work with the little we have and make the best of it because it's scares one not to have been there for the most needed moments, once a day has passed it can't be recovered in any way. So if we all learn to prioritize our free seasons to tend to important meetings and holidays we will be happier.

It's very important to assist each other whenever possible either with finances or just availability for the time one is in need, creates a strong friendship or highlights where attention is needed to improve on the bond in the networking. It's only when you're between a rock and a hard place that you appreciate the life before, with or without complications that we manage to get through as we get to be older the wiser we become or hardened by our experience we teach others how we made it through the toughness in our need to develop a better nation.

Life has many challenges that require more than one person to deal with it or fix, when you know who to count on, turn to or lean on the problem becomes half solved at the moment as you are not the only one solving it. As it is said two are better than one in making decisions, paying bills and also comforting each other through tough times. Sometimes can look impossible but if we keep going on, we get through it all by talking to others either in a support group or motivation sessions that end up uplifting the one who didn't have faith and strength to get past the current situation.


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