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Multi-Purpose Sunroom As Playroom

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Multifunctional rooms that serve more than one purpose have been gaining popularity in the residential design field. These rooms can consolidate space within a home and economize the construction budget. All too often, project rooms are utilized for short periods of time during the day based on their intended purpose. However, a versatile design can provide multifunctional room required for proper utilization of the space.

Most people desire a sunroom, which provides a connection to the outdoors while offering protection from the elements. A sunroom with only one purpose is also more difficult to justify when considering a residential addition.

A sunroom that also serves as a playroom doubles its value. All too often, glass rooms and children have been seen on opposite ends of the spectrum when weighing safety and the potential for damage. These deterrents are based on old glass technology that was more prone to breakage and was unsafe when it did break. Due to improvements in glass manufacturing technology, today's glass can withstand almost any impact that a child can produce. In addition, most experts recommend the glass include a laminate layer that prevents it from falling inward into the space if a large impact, like a tree limb, should fall onto the sunroom. The laminate keeps smaller pieces of glass together, preventing them from spreading across the room and potentially causing harm to individuals either present when the break occurs or during the clean up process.

The benefits of natural light exposure for children are well documented. If plants are also added to the sunroom, the children are spending time in a room with healthy sunlight and fresh oxygen from the plants. The glass type can be selected to include LowE coatings and a laminate layer to filter out harmful UV rays, reducing the intensity of the sunlight. The playroom location can shift from a back room or basement room in the house and can provide children with a protected, outdoor experience.

When hosting, the sunroom becomes the perfect environment. It can serve as a protected space for viewing manmade or natural landscaping without requiring exposure to the elements. The sunroom can also provide views to the moon and stars at night and is easily converted into an elegant social room. A sunroom should not be confined to one function. It can provide multiple opportunities for daily function and special occasions. Everyone in the household can find a use for it with the correct planning and creativeness.


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