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How to Be in The Right Mood All the Time

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Moods make it right!

You need to accomplish so much - be the good wife, husband, friend, lover, companion, colleague, best staff, but you sometimes may not find the right mood to get things right. We need the right mood. We need to get things done. Much is expected. But does 'the right mood' hear or understand how you need it so badly? I want to tell you how you can always find the right mood today.

I will try to tell you the secrets and ways you can always live to find that life, love and happiness. It's simple. l cap it as 'Being in the Mood'. I may have to do so much explaining so that you understand, but it's worth it to hang on and read on. We always need the right mood to get through with things and find that satisfaction, accomplishments and fulfillment that gives us joy, completeness and happiness. I write now with all my heart. I hope we can flow together in the same page.

First of all, I would like to clear the air on something: Mood switch on the surface is not a negative thing as many conceive it to be. Mood switch defines us. Mood switch goes bad when it's so strong and disruptive, making up a disorder. We humans are most reactional. A little thing can tip us off and have us scream; hate; feel hurt, better, bad; as well as be hysterical, happy and excited. We live to respond. Like sound waves that travels, comes in through our ears and our brains read the signals and interpret them so we hear, understand and respond: so is life. We are reading signals daily and responding, in this case 'living'.

'Living' is in quote because it entails a certain way of life that is peculiar. The truth is that we are further defined by the signals of our time. We may not be aware. People don't talk about it, or it happens so fast that it feels like nothing. Sometimes we do not know we react. Why do you think you blush? What are you always looking at facial expressions for? You seek other people's reactions to understand them. Our moods could switch so fast in the process, here and there - really defining how you feel or what you want.

Our moods today in this Digital Age are most advanced compared to other times in the world. There is so much information, knowledge, awareness and communication at our disposal that all these forms of signals find their unique way to have us react. You fear something because of what you have heard about it, seen of it, or learned of it. These reactions at various times set our moods. We are a different breed in this Digital Age. I call us 'a Digital Breed'. We are neither the Cave man nor just the modern man. We are digital because so much is digital around us. Things are ready and fast that we easily lose patience - Fast is craved in this Age. We love smart and exciting people like this Digital Age with smart things. Everyone is ambitious to get something, like the ever-multiplying digital numbers. Contentment is far away, something new is hankered, like our fast developing world of possibilities. For a fact, we pick up signals here and there, now and then, in a way we are changed, transformed: we are a people - the digital people.

Anyway, I know how you can keep a good mood to have the best out of life. Your mood matters. Your mood represents your energy on a larger scale. Being in the mood is having energy. Mood is the energy to do a certain thing, or behave in a certain way that would not ordinarily be so. Google's response to 'what is energy' gives that 'energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical and mental activity'. This definition agrees with common life phrases like: 'I'm not in the mood', 'I feel great', 'I need a boast', 'I'm inspired, I'm down I cannot'... all expressions in relation to what needed to be done or attained. Being in the mood makes it right. But can we always find the mood?

The answer is YES, or we have to. We have to always find the mood to be the best we can be. We have to do what we must do. But how can we always be in the mood?

The secret to always being in the mood is being Positive. Like the sun shining yields life and vitality, your positive outlook of life and dispositions causes for the best moods of life.

Being positive is like the sun at work to start the new day of work and life after rest and dark. It does not ignore the facts and hassles of each day but comes to give the light and energy - the sun is there whether you want or use it. Being positive is an energy. Then when you are used to being positive you learn how to set your right moods. That simple, but I will explain further:

Being positive is beyond being optimistic. Being positive have been further defined by our Age and time. Our Age and time wants results, production, development, the next big thing, innovation; so it does not rely on just being optimistic. The Age compares data, manages reality and still finds that drive to go on and on. Being positive is a way of life to see you through.

Many may not agree with me but I know where I draw the meaning of being positive - our digital age. Positivity now is not philosophical alone. It is more a lifestyle expected and supposed. It is the spirit that drives our theaters and cinemas now. Our theaters and cinemas now roots out all forms of tragedy to give even the worst or most complicated stories a happy ending. Most movies are happy endings and motivational. They are giving that positive energy to life and living, situations and the future. Writers have a message. They do not just want to kill but to have someone overcome. That is our positive now. It's more of a disposition to an earn.

Nonetheless, this analogy only applies if we agree that theater and cinema contents are cultural - that they explain how we see the world. Because I can remember that happy ending, accomplishments, technological innovations have not always been the content of literature and cinema. I can remember the times when tragedy was trending. Then too, there was politics, when the political institutions we have now were evolving. This Age wants to accomplish more, develop so much, attain greater height and add a fast pace to things. Thus, its positivity is likely to change too. The competition and struggle are too much to just have positivity as being optimistic. Being positive is more - it is a continual forward thrust in faith to overcome obstacles, and attain or become something.

Hmmm... I have said much but I wish you understand more than I explain. I wish we go on the same page. Regardless, I have to go on. You will figure it out eventually.

But what was I saying?

I am trying to tell us how we can always be in the right mood to get the best out of every circumstance. I mentioned that the secret is with being positive. I tried to explain being positive so we understand how I really mean it. But is the purpose met?

I hope it is. That is what I want. I want that we think like in our Age that we understand not just how to be in the right mood, but prosper and be happy in our Age.

Be positive. Not that you will not be down, but you can still go on. Not that you will not give up on something, but that you do not give up on yourself and you are simply changing course and moving in the same direction of wanting the best out of life. Remember mood is not a career or vocation. Mood is you. Therefore, whatever is about you is about mood too. Your positivity transcends too. It is about you than any particular situation or thing. It is about how you go on. If you are positive to go on in this way expressed, you will somehow find the best mood to go on. You will realize things on the way to aid and guide you.

The truth of the matter is that being positive here is expressed as 'being determined'. But using the phrase 'being determined' does not give me the whole picture. Preaching about being determined can give you a notion of becoming a superman in situations. It tells you just stand. But no... There are times you will not stand up to things. You will fall. You will be discouraged. You will be ridiculed and laughed at, but you can find that life inside of you to go on being positive. It is like the sun I said - it just comes regardless of whether you want it or use it.

Being positive is also sincere to your emotions. It tells you what you are and what you can do; not 'what you should do' like being determined would say. Being determined can break you. Being positive gives you more room to breathe, and elastic to recover and go on. Being determined drains you, and the 'opportunity cost' could be expensive. Being positive in the manner discussed here helps you acknowledge what you still have, the situations that are true and suggest how you go on.

When you are in the worst situations deserving the worst of moods, you can rather hang on and make-up something to supplement. You just go on with being positive. It is an energy. It influences people around you. People that even know you to be positive can excuse you when things go wrong because they know it is not you to have things go wrong. Yes... That and more is what being positive can do. It is a lifestyle on its own, but it can win you the best moods that give you the best results.


How about now?

Was the whole reading worth it?

Do you really understand?

Ask questions if you do not understand. Share and comment how you feel. We are all here to share. I only incite the process.

I will encourage that you maybe read again and ask real life questions if you are still finding it confusing. Pay particular attention to being in the mood as it affects every outcome and output we can have. And our outputs is what guarantees our lives earnings and overall happiness.

Best regards!


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